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DJ Majestik is Jim Giordano, DJ and producer of dance and electronica. He has been heard on MTV’s “Making the Video”, ORock 105.9 radio station in Orlando, FL, on a production of a Dallas Cowboy video, and on WSBU the Buzz in St Bonaventure, NY. He has also been heard around the Western / Central New York area DJ’ing everything from hip hop to Club to Dance, even Progressive and Trance.

After moving to Murfreesboro, TN at the end of 2013, he has seen his career skyrocket! At the end of 2013, his hit single “Blazin’ feat Mr Shammi & Fiorina” was signed by Zion Records and released globally in Jan of 2014. It has peaked at #29 of the Reggae/Dub charts on Beatport. Also in Jan of 2014 he was named #1 DJ/producer in Murfreesboro, TN by ReverbNation.


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Recently his two tracks “Element 115” and “Go Hardcore” were signed by Breach Records and were released as an EP on Beatport in March and globally on April 1st.

DJ Majestik will be focusing his efforts over the next few months on promoting his new EP Intergalactic with 2Four, however, a full-length album is in the works. DJ Majestik and 2Four are currently building a tour across the Southeast region, with sights set on coordinating a larger tour across U.S. college campuses.



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