Silver Circle – EDM Mix #1



Silver Circle EDM Mix #1

Hot new EDM‬ mix‬! It is already going viral! – Silver Circle EDM Mix #1

First Time ever, YouTube poster’s video goes Viral!

Soundcloud –…/silver-circle-edm-mix-1


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Silver Circle only does email interviews to get a direct reply from Silver Circle pls use the email option at
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~ Silver Circle DJ Bio ~

Silver Circle
“Sharing fun and happiness with the world”

Silver Circle describes himself as a DJ. Never afraid to experiment with the mix of old and new. His mother was the greatest influence on his taking to music yet he never took to the music his mother wanted, but developed his original style. Today, his music brings in the best of EDM and his original style.

As a producer, Silver Circle loves to compose short original tunes and has a growing library from which he plans to share pieces he really loves with his subscribers and followers. Pls feel free to follow, like and comment or message Silver Circle directly via

Quote from Silver Circle :

“For me, it’s all about sharing the music I really like…so if you made it to my mix you really made me happy and possibly everyone who follows my music. Have fun and keep creating from your circle of happiness!”

Silver Circle is a DJ based in Virginia, USA. Silver Circle produces music via the production house Silver Circle Music.


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