Take Your Music Production Skills To The Next Level With Musicology!

Take Your Music Production Skills To The Next Level With Musicology!


Learn to take your edm music to the next level with musicology online music tutorials.


You’ll get a great sense of accomplishment, easily finishing your own tracks..

We cut the through the clutter and show you exactly what you need, how to use it, providing everything you need and more.

We have refined the process of making a track down to a few steps which will completely take the guess work out of your work flow and creative process. In a few simple steps we show you how to make and arrange a full track in genres such as EDM, House, Deep House, Tech House, Techno and Minimal.

Each tutorial comes with a sample library / kit that JUST WORKS. We show you what sounds you need to use and exactly how to use them. Once you have the fundamentals in place.. the rest is easy.

Our tutorials offer an unparalleled complete package to new or experienced producers with Video’s, Projects, Loops & Midi Files for use in either Cubase or Ableton all included.

Save your valuable time and energy by getting the right sounds and processing first time round, avoiding the need to watch hundreds of other tutorials, or trying a multitude of vsts and presets to find what you need.

We give you EVERYTHING you need to make the music you want.. FAST!


 ~   Take Your Music To The Next Level Today!   ~

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