Pioneer Gets Ready To Unveil The Next Generation Of Nexus Hardware

new pioneer cdjs ccoming out with new nexus technology

  Though vinyl purists exist in all corners of the industry, they’re perhaps most vocal in the DJing community. It’s not exactly hard to understand why – as an analog and physical format, as opposed to compressed/digital, vinyl has the greatest opportunity to convey the clearest and truest sound. However, … Continue reading

Take Your Music Production Skills To The Next Level With Musicology!

Learn to take your edm music to the next level with musicology online music tutorials.

Take Your Music Production Skills To The Next Level With Musicology!     You’ll get a great sense of accomplishment, easily finishing your own tracks.. We cut the through the clutter and show you exactly what you need, how to use it, providing everything you need and more. We have … Continue reading

Is The MixFader The DJ Tool Of The Future?

Is The MixFader The DJ Tool Of The Future?

  Is The MixFader The DJ Tool Of The Future?   If vinyl purists were uncomfortable with the direction DJ’ing was heading before, their discomfort is about to reach sticky heat/itchy wool sweater levels after seeing this. Introducing the MixFader, the first connected crossfader “with a dedicated app that dematerializes … Continue reading

Ableton Publishes Book For Producers

This book is a collection of solutions to common roadblocks in the creative process, with a specific emphasis on solving music problems, making progress, and (most importantly) finishing what you start.

  Honestly, I’m surprised this didn’t happen sooner. Technology titan Ableton has announced that they’ve published a book for producers of all skill levels. Making Music: 74 Creative Strategies for Electronic Music Producers is not a quick reference guide for people who want to use the company’s hallmark program Ableton Live, but rather … Continue reading

You Won’t See DJs Using The New Macbook

  If you’ve seen any recent DJ performance, there’s no way you’ve missed the notorious Macbook Pro resting on top of the decks, brand-covering sticker and all. Apple products have held a longstanding dominion over the electronic scene, their laptops and desktop computers emerging as the standard tools for most producers and … Continue reading

Ableton Opens Public Beta Version of Live 9.2

  Ableton‘s popularity these days is at an all time high. With an almost seamless blend of production and performance aspects and capabilities, Live is the DAW of choice for both veteran and amateur artists the world over. And while Live 9 was a massive step up from its predecessor, the people … Continue reading

New Rave Technology Allows You To Charge Your Phone As You Dance

  So far, we’ve been successful (somewhat) in fixing the problem of service at festivals, or lack thereof. The next major issue is battery life. I know so many people who would be happy with hardware providers creating a phone with a longer-lasting batter than a few extra DPI on … Continue reading

Pioneer Announces All-In-One, Computer-Free, XDJ DJ System

  Their CDJ 2000’s and legendary DJM mixer have become a staple in the dance music scene, and for good reasons; but now Pioneer is introducing the XDJ-RX, a system that replaces your bulky CDJs and your travel-ready controller in one fell swoop. Running off of Rekordbox, the XDJ-RX can … Continue reading

“SelfieSticks” Banned From Clubs In U.K.

  Selfie sticks have been banned from major British music venues, including O2 Academy Brixton, London’s O2 Arena and the SSE Wembley Arena.The devices – elongated sticks that attach to a camera or phone to aid photo-taking – were among the best-selling gifts of Christmas 2014, but have been outlawed … Continue reading