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Steven Zhu, (born 1989) better known by his stage name ZHU, is an electronic musician who has been active since the beginning of 2014. Until mid-2014 Zhu remained anonymous, asking to be judged by his music alone.


His first track, “Moves Like Ms Jackson”, a mashup of several songs by Outkast, was released in February 2014 and was positively received by blogs and reviewers covering electronic music. Other tracks appeared on the music streaming site Soundcloud throughout February and March, followed by an EP titled The Nightday in April 2014. The first single from the EP, titled “Faded”, was released in May 2014.



Being a mysterious music producer is very en vogue these days. SBTRKT used to play with a mask on whereas Deadmau5 favoured an enormous mouse head. Somehow Daft Punk have managed to make robo-chic a thing because of their reluctance to reveal themselves and that’s before we’ve even got to guys like Jai Paul and Burial who won’t even play live.

Now the electronic music scene has another faceless producer to deal with, by way of Zhu. Zhu makes music that has got Internet fiends buzzed with excitement but wrought in frustration because they don’t know who he is. It’s probably going to be massive, so for the sake of investigative journalism/an excuse to have a snoop, here’s what the we DO know about Zhu.



1. Everyone thought he was Disclosure
When a track called ‘Moves Like Ms Jackson’ cropped up online, a lot of people thought that Disclosure had teamed up with Oukast ahead of their Coachella performance. Someone even made a video with the Disclosure faces superimposed onto dancers (https://vimeo.com/87467710) Turns out that to assume really does make an ass of you and me as “Moves Like Ms Jackson’ turned out to be the work of ZHU.

2. ZHU Deleted Everything
Before the start of the year ZHU had a last.fm page, a twitter, and a Facebook. They then mysteriously disappeared, replaced with a new Twitter and Facebook page, which remain still very empty. Watch these spaces…

3. The ZHU wave just keeps breaking
Zhu is no one-trick-pony. He’s managed to keep the hype very much alive and kicking by slowly releasing tracks every three weeks before dropping his Nightway EP last month. His game plan is on lock, and if all goes to plan it shouldn’t be too long before we see something else from him.

4. His branding is mysterious but very effective
No portraits, no pictures, no live performances, merely his distinctive ‘Z’ logo and now a released video for ‘Fader’. It’s all too intriguing.

5. Australia might be in luck
In ZHU’s sole interview with Triple J, he mentioned that because Australia were the first to cotton onto his music, they might be the first to see it live. Lucky devils.


Read more at http://www.mtv.co.uk/zhu/news/just-who-is-zhu#jpcU7PmdkKEJTXd6.99, and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zhu_%28musician%29

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